Proof That We Make the Best Ergonomically-Designed Products Anywhere on Earth

ergonomically designed medical chairs

Why Everyone Who Tries Us, Buys Us 

Milagon's ergonomically-designed products meet the highest quality standards in the healthcare industry. We integrate high-tech ergonomics and quality materials to deliver top-notch products to ease the pain of our healthcare customers, improve job performance and preserve work longevity. Our ergonomic chairs are built to last and use heavy-duty cast aluminum bases, self-breaking castors, 300lb premium cylinders and a solid cast aluminum and plated steel under-seat mechanism. Seats and backrests are made of self-skinning polyurethane that maintains 100% memory. And we adhere to strict quality manufacturing standards including:

  • ISO 9001
  • Certifications: CAL 133 for Aklaim and CAL 117 for our remaining product line
  • LEAN manufacturing
  • Six Sigma
  • DIN 68 877 work chair standards
  • Article 25 of the Workplace Directives

Our manufacturing processes also reflect our commitment to create quality ergonomically-designed products without damaging the environment. This means we:

  • Comply with the European environmental directives of the Bavarian Environmental Pact
  • Avoid using AZO dyes or chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)
  • Use only silicone-free materials
  • Follow PAH guidelines and REACH requirements

Our quality and safety standards ensure that we develop reliable ergonomically-designed products that continue to satisfy our customers.

Our Certifications

ISO 9001

Milagon is certified to the ISO 9001 quality management standard, which means our management processes include customer-centered service and a motivated upper management. All of our business practices also adopt a process approach with emphasis on continual improvement. The production of our ergonomically-designed products undergoes regular auditing to maintain and improve the performance of our quality management system and better serve our customers.

CAL 116/117

Our ergonomically-designed products adhere to CAL Bulletins 116 and 117, which require specific test procedures to determine the flame retardance of upholstered furniture and resilient filling materials used in upholstered furniture. This standard offers protection against some of the unpredictable emergencies that arise in the healthcare industry.

LEAN Manufacturing

Our understanding of LEAN manufacturing principles allow us to create quality, ergonomically-designed products using the most efficient processes. This means we can drive down cost and deliver more value to our customers using manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact and eliminate unhealthy waste.


Milagon also follows many six-sigma techniques for process improvement. A six-sigma adoption ensures efficient manufacturing processes in order to deliver quality ergonomically-designed products to our customers with minimal defects. Our commitment to quality lives at every level of our business, and each worker is responsible for performing at levels that produce the highest quality ergonomic healthcare solutions.

  • Efficiently manage our inventory
  • Pinpoint and address any production inefficiencies
  • Build relationships with suppliers
  • Reduce product obsolescence
  • Improve product quality


The Proof of Our Quality Is In Our Guarantee

Our confidence in the quality design and construction of our ergonomically-designed products is why we back each of our chairs with a lifetime warranty