We Test Our Healthcare Mats and Chairs At Every Phase From Design To Workspace

durability testing for health care matting

All of our ergonomic healthcare mats and chairs are scrutinized with high-standard, verifiable testing procedures to ensure quality and safety for our consumers. Our testing is conducted by highly trained, expert technicians who understand the manufacturing process and how each step optimizes product quality. We perform several layers of testing on all healthcare mats and chairs, including:

Prototype Testing

Our healthcare mats and chairs are tested for operational efficiency, ease of use and safety. It is important for our customers to receive an ergonomic solution that meets their health needs and is also safe and easy to integrate into their everyday routines.

Service Testing/Sourced Component Testing

All of our sourced components undergo the same scrutiny to guarantee we create the highest-quality healthcare mats and chairs from the highest-quality materials.

In-Process Testing

We monitor our manufacturing process by conducting in-process testing to assess product strength, quality, and safety.

Final Product testing

Our ergonomic healthcare mats and chairs undergo final product testing to repeat quality and safety assessments that will certify and guarantee their performance before they reach your workplace.

External Certifications

Our healthcare mats and chairs receive many quality assurance, safety and compliance tests, some of which include:

  • Stress capability tests
  • DIN 68 877 work chair standard assessments
  • Article 25 of the Workplace Directives assessments
  • CAL 133 for Aklaim/CAL 117¬†for remaining products

Our ergonomic healthcare mats and chairs meet the highest quality standards and even our production and testing processes reflect our commitment to quality by adhering to environmental protection standards.