Flexible, Long-Lasting and Responsible Assembly for Medical Office Stools

how we make our medical office stools

Flexibility During the Manufacturing of Medical Office Stools and Chairs...and After

Milagon's commitment to innovation and efficiency permeates our entire manufacturing process, including assembly line testing and construction. Our ergonomic medical office stools and chairs are solidly constructed. Instead of rigid metal-to-metal fasteners, a 3-point flexible seat pan mounting system creates a more comfortable and durable fastening. Our medical office stools, physician chairs and mats can also be assembled in multiple configurations to suit your seating work needs in a variety of different healthcare settings.

Made Safe for Workers and The Environment

Our ergonomic anti-fatigue mats are constructed using environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices. Using recycling technology, our matting materials have been recovered from the waste cycle stream. With the unique design of our mats and robust injection molded construction, they are extremely durable and easy-to-clean. The rugged design and recycled PVC construction of our mats allow them to maintain safe workloads, reduce musculoskeletal stress, and repel most chemicals. The interlocking modular design allows for infinite configurations.