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Our Corporate Roots Are Deep, Dependable and Ready to Support Customers of Our Ergonomic Seats and Mats

Milagon is a branch of NSS Enterprises, a Toledo, Ohio-based manufacturer that has served customers since 1911 and employs over 160 people. NSS operates three facilities in the US, Europe and Asia and sells their products in over 60 countries, manufacturing electrical and battery-powered equipment for commercial and industrial applications.

NSS is a privately-owned and operated company and has specialized its manufacturing focus in the formation of the Milagon Division. The Milagon Division concentrates on the growing need for ergonomic seats, stools and matting systems in industrial and healthcare work environments in order to improve employee health, comfort and productivity. Milagon integrates high-tech ergonomics, quality materials, quality construction techniques and rugged durability to produce the highest quality ergonomic seats and mats available.

Thank you for trusting Milagon where our Ergonomic Seats and Matting Systems are Engineered for Work.