Opti-Mist BB

The Opti-Mist BB is ideal for spot spraying or wide-area spraying where operator mobility is a must. This sprayer provides a consistent, controlled mist.

Product Highlights

  • Disinfectant compatible: The Opti-Mist BB’s spray pattern is compatible with many disinfectant chemicals. Each disinfectant has its own instructions for use on its label. Carefully follow the instructions on the chemical disinfectant’s label. Mix the disinfectant with the correct amount of water and allow the disinfectant to dwell on the surface for the specified amount of time. Review and follow the Personal Protective Equipment requirements found on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the disinfectant.
  • Fast and effective. This sprayer is perfect for covering large-scale areas quickly.
  • A Lithium-ion battery provides up to two hours of runtime. The Opti-Mist BB can spray up to 12,000 square feet per tank of solution.
  • The comfort grip handle and lock-on sprayer reduce fatigue during long spraying sessions.
  • The in-tank filter helps prevent clogs by keeping the debris out of the spray hose.

Download Opti-Mist BB Catalog Sheet (PDF)