Removing Point of Care Discomfort for Alternate Services Providers With Ergonomic Healthcare Chairs

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Ergonomic Healthcare Chairs and Mats for Alternate Care Professionals

Alternate care professionals, such as hospice, nursing home and long-term care staff/administrators and others spend their work hours devoted to organizing and administering to the comfort needs of others with little time to think about their own bodies. Alternate care facilities are often staffed 24/7, and their employees sometimes work long hours on their feet, in chairs and postures in between in service to their patients. Milagon's ergonomic healthcare chairs and mats make this work easier by offering comfort and support to alternate care professionals, taking care of them so that they, in turn, can take better care of their patients.

Healthcare Chairs and Mats That Can Heal in Alternate Care

Specially-designed alternate care healthcare chairs and mats.