We Make Those Hours Of Dental Surgeries Easier (With An Ergonomic Dentist Chair)

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Milagon Dentist Chair and Mat: The Ergonomic Difference

In a recent study, nearly 85 percent of dentists surveyed experienced musculoskeletal disorders including back and neck pain. This shocking assessment is likely due to the fact that dentists sit for many hours each day and often assume awkward postures in a dentist chair during examinations or routine dental procedures. Hygienists and office administrators also sit for long periods during their work hours, making the dental office an environment of high ergonomic risk.

Milagon's ergonomic dentist chair and matting solutions offer the direct support and comfort dental practitioners need to concentrate on their work. Every dentist chair features both horizontal and vertical adjustments, creating customized, optimal spine and lumbar support for any dentist size. Each dentist chair and stool offers dental professionals maximum comfort and support to help them increase productivity in the following ways:

  • Increasing patient proximity and practitioner comfort. This facilitates higher precision during examinations and procedures.
  • Reducing fatigue and stress. This occurs as a result of improved circulation and spinal support from our dentist chairs and mats.
  • Extending working hours and overall working lifetime. Because our dentist chairs help prevent musculoskeletal injuries, dental professionals are able to work longer shifts and for more years, if desired.

Products That Can Heal in Dental Care

Specially-designed dentist chair, stool and matting solutions.