Lab Efficiency Starts With Worker Support From Ergonomic Chairs, Lab Stools and Mats

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Sitting and Standing Solutions for Laboratory Professionals

In a laboratory, proper ergonomic sitting and standing is often neglected in pursuit of procedural efficiency. Laboratory professionals are at risk of ergonomic injuries due to contact stress, static postures, and the extended amount of time they spend in awkward positions. Milagon chairs, lab stools and mats designed for laboratories and clean rooms meet the highest standards of hygiene and functionality and help laboratory professionals more comfortably conduct repetitive experiments. We offer both stationary and mobile lab stools and chairs of varying heights. They are also available in two types of material:

  • PUR integral foam– This material is disinfectant resistant and comes equipped with removable seat cushions and arm rests for easy cleaning.
  • Imitation leather– This material is certified to be disinfectant resistant, blood resistant, urine resistant, saliva resistant and sweat resistant in accordance with the DIN 53160 standard. All of our ergonomic lab stools, chairs and mats are durable, customizable and hygienic, making them a perfect match for the laboratory or clean-room environment.

Products That Can Heal in a Medical Laboratory

Specially-designed ergonomic lab stools, chairs and mats.