BRIO 12 Big and Tall Office Chair Line

big and tall medical office chair

Milagon offers a Big and Tall office chair/work seat that can accommodate larger users with a concern for ergonomic comfort. With the addition of this higher capacity seating offering to the Brio series, customers can achieve the necessary ergonomic benefits. The Brio Big and Tall Office Chair is also durable enough to withstand longer work days, and larger occupants in a multi-shift working environment.


  • Large Reinforced cylinder - rated to 550 lbs.
  • Reinforced under-seat assembly for additional support.
  • Extra large glides or casters.
  • Ergonomic upholstery.
  • Steel Inserts on bridge assembly.
  • Easy to clean.


A Brio Big and Tall Office Chair/Work Seat does more for you with functionality made for the long-haul, like this...

  • Broad Support for Wider, Taller Backs

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    Generous backrest dimensions of 19.5" W x 16" H provide additional support, coupled with wide-ranging backrest height adjustments via easy-to-handle adjustment levers.

  • Two Feet of Seat Room

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    No scrimping on the seat pan, with dimensions of 24" W X 22" D. Plus accommodating any posture need is easy with independent adjustment of seat tilt, backrest tilt, seat height adjustment, and backrest height.

  • A Strong Base Means This Chair Will Last

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    Durable cast aluminum base resists fractures and damage that can happen with plastic and/or steel tube bases. Available with extra-large glides.

Big and Tall Office Chair Models

Model # WS1389KL

Low Profile Cushioned Workseat assembly, mounted on a Cast Aluminum Star Base with Glides or Casters. Height Adjustment 18" to 25". (Black Vinyl Upholstery) Shipping Wt. 52#

Download Brio Big and Tall Literature Sheet (PDF)