TASQ Kneeling Support Tool Caddy

health care kneeling support caddy

The TASQ Kneeling Support Tool Caddy Support allows workers to move around while in seated positions, with the convenience of easy tool access and minimum strain on the body. The low profile of the Tasq Kneeling Support Tool Caddy also helps stop debris from obstructing casters during movement.


  • Cushioned polyurethane seat.
  • Heavy-gauge, low-profile welded steel base pushes cords and air lines out of the user’s way.
  • Integrated carrying handle.
  • Precision, Stepless Gas Cylinder.
  • Mounted on 4 self-braking casters.


The Tasq Kneeling Support Tool Caddy does more for you with functionality made for the long-haul, like this...

  • Sit, Scoot and Strain No More

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    The Tool Caddy reduces fatigue from continuous kneeling or other uncomfortable positions by helping to relieve static weight loads on a workers back and legs.

  • Built For Comfort, Built To Last

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    The cushioned, self-skinning molded polyurethane integral seat surface promotes air circulating breathability for maximum comfort and durability. One piece seat-back is chemical resistant and tough enough to withstand harsh industrial environments.

  • Everything You Need At Your Fingertips

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    Mounted on a four-caster-steel base, a non-skid storage surface provides convenient access to small tools and parts while seated.The Tool Caddy's base dimensions are a convenient 13 1/2” x 13 1/2” x 3 1/4”.

  • The Right Height No Matter How Many Adjustments

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    Our shock-absorbing, sealed pneumatic cylinder provides state-of-the-art seat height adjustment. Sealed and lubricated for life with virtually no chance for grease drips, or the compressed gas used for support to escape.

Kneeling Support Models

Model # WS322

Flexible Polyurethane, Cushioned Work Seat assembly, mounted on a Four Caster Enamel Tool Caddy. Caddy measures 13 1/2" x 13 1/2" x 3 1/4". (Seat: 12"D x 14"W). Height Adjustment 12" to 17".