Our Clean-Room Chairs and Mats Are Infection-Controlled by Design

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Clean-Room Chairs and Mats Made To Be Cleaned and Disinfected Easily and Often

The healthcare environment demands cleanliness and sterility for regular patient care, and Milagon has delivered clean-room chairs and mats that meet many healthcare/laboratory requirements. This means our products meet ergonomic and safety requirements from the medical fields without compromising practitioner comfort.

Our clean-room chairs and mats are durable enough for harsh medical environments and easy to clean and maintain. Our products have wash-down capability, including removable cushions that eliminate potential bacterial cross-transmission, with odor-prevention and re-configuration for different uses or to change for each staff member during different shifts.

Imitation Leather

Our imitation leather is DIN 53160 certified to be:

  • Sweat resistant
  • Saliva resistant
  • Urine resistant
  • Blood resistant
  • Disinfectant resistant

PUR Integral Foam (for Labs)

Our PUR Integral foam clean-room chairs offer the following features and capabilities for optimal cleaning:

  • Plastic and chromeplated, polished metal closed GMB seat support cover
  • Washable and disinfectant resistant materials
  • Suitable for S-classified laboratories
  • Cover tube to protect a safety gas spring

Stainless Steel (for high moisture areas such as laundry or disinfection areas)

Milagon clean-room chairs are available with HPU coating to meet special hygiene requirements:

  • Water repellent
  • Solvent and acid resistant
  • Solvent, plasticiser and AZO dye-free
  • Heat resistant up to 100°C for limited time periods

Labs, clinics, operating rooms, nursing stations, storage areas and patient bedsides are just a few areas that require good hygiene, and we have developed ergonomic clean-room chairs and mats to meet the sitting and standing needs of all these places and many more.

From Our Lifetime Guarantee Contract

"The modular design of our products offers users maximum flexibility and investment security along with spare part replacement guarantee for all of our components."