Our Healthcare Seating Products Are Made To Last, Here's Proof

Milagon healthcare seating products are proven to meet consumer expectations for product integrity and performance. The chart below illustrates our customer satisfaction and low product return percentages:

health care seating proof of quality

Our ergonomic healthcare seating and standing solutions undergo the highest manufacturing processing standards for design, testing, sourcing, assembly, logistics and quality. Each healthcare seating and standing product is built using quality materials and a high standard of craftsmanship, featuring:

  • High durability construction mechanisms including permanent lubrication, hardened locks, and our wide range of adjustment controls
  • Industrial strength, modular construction
  • Polyurethane seats and backrests ideal for air circulation, easy cleaning and protection against chemicals
  • Metals that are all made of stainless steel
  • Compliance with DIN 68 877 work chair standard and Article 25 of the Workplace Directives

Healthcare Workers Need High Quality Injury Protection

"As healthcare groups realize that worker comfort and safety is key to increasing productivity, we have focused on advanced design and performance/productivity products."

Mark Bevington, Milagon CEO

Our Healthcare Seating and Standing Solution Guarantee is More Than A Claim

By using the highest quality materials, domestic craftsmanship and rugged German designs, Milagon has created the most durable healthcare seating available anywhere. This is evidence by a lifetime warranty on our chairs and stools, which surpasses all standards for longevity. Our matting carries a 5-year warranty on the standard Vigor mats and a 10-year warranty on our customized Matta mats and flooring, which are guaranteed not to lose elasticity and provide constant ergonomic benefits.